Merchant Assistance

Site Function

This site allows merchants to file bad checks they receive in participating jurisdictions for assistance in recovery attempts. The facts pertaining to the check are verified against prosecutor set criteria to determine eligiblity. If accepted into the program, the check writer will be contacted in attempts to recover restitution. If the check writer does not comply, the case may be reviewed for prosecution.

The site also allows merchants to login to review recovery efforts on the checks they submit.


You may login via your victim number and password provided once checks are successfully submitted. Merchants who have not submitted a check before can create a new ID (email address) and password for submitting checks to the program. You must login to submit a check or check the status of a submitted check. You can check to see if the location where your check was accepted is supported by this site, without logging in by clicking on "Submit A Check" and then entering the zip code where the check was accepted.

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